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 I have studied and practiced Yoga for almost 20 years and can confidently say that Amanda is absolutely the best Yoga instructor I have ever met. Not only is her knowledge of Yoga exemplary, she is charismatic and respectful of all levels of student expertise. Amanda teaches with mental flexibility, lightheartedness and a sense of humor along with a focused and centered love for yoga. Amanda is a classic example of what constitutes a superb Yoga teacher. " 
-Rae Jean


Amanda is a true teacher of yoga, expertly guiding her students through the postures into the deeper meditative
aspects of the teachings. I'm grateful having found her, she's
changed my life.         
Amanda possesses the unique capability to seamlessly blend the physical aspect of yoga with the profound psychological and spiritual benefits of the practice. Amanda is one of the most knowledgeable instructors I have ever practiced under, and she has an infectious, positive, and calming personality.
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