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The journey towards therapy can feel challenging.

You may find yourself feeling alone, scared, misunderstood, or completely stuck. Having someone by your side to explore the parts of yourself that prevent you from living the life you desire can make a world of difference. I offer a compassionate and supportive presence. It is my intention to help guide my clients towards developing a healthy and strong sense of self, and an understanding of the feelings and emotions that emerge during the counseling process.

I offer a holistic approach to therapy to support my clients in feeling more connected to their whole selves. Our experiences of being human involve the mind, body, and soul. The therapeutic modalities that I use within my practice include, somatic experiencing, cognitive-behavioral therapy, emotion-focused therapy, and internal family systems. My desire is to support my clients in the process of exploring their thoughts and emotions as well as recognizing and becoming comfortable with the somatic sensations experienced within their bodies.

In addition to my counseling techniques, I integrate meditation, breathwork, music & craniosacral therapy within my practice.

Whether you are facing old or recent trauma, struggling with anxiety and depression, or just don't know what your next move in life is, I am here to offer a supportive, compassionate and mindful presence, sitting next to you as you navigate your way. I invite you to connect with me for a no-cost, 20-minute consultation either by phone or video call

Licensed Professional Counselor
Nationally Certified Counselor


Amanda Barron, MS, LPC, LMCH

Licensed in Oregon and Washington

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